How It Works

Nothing But The Best

The all new Spreets now hand picks and delivers the best of the daily deals from our new partners straight to your inbox

We’re making some exciting changes to the way Spreets works.  We’re partnering with a range of group buying sites to bring you the best of their deals.

We’ll hand pick the offers that we know you’ll love to bring you the cream of the bargain crop.

We’ll continue to offer Spreets deals until 28 February 2013.  After that time, we will only be bringing you our favourite deals from our new partners to give you a variety of deals and some of the best value around.

Any questions?

#1) I have an unused Spreets voucher that is still valid, can I still use this?
- Yes, all valid Spreets vouchers can still be redeemed exactly as normal until the expiry date listed on the voucher. Nothing has changed for existing vouchers.

#2) I am awaiting an order from Spreets that is yet to arrive, will this product still reach me?
- Yes, all Spreets vouchers will be honored. You will receive your product in line with the fine print for that deal.

#3) Will I still continue to get daily deal emails from Spreets?
- Yes, you will continue to receive emails from Spreets as normal, the emails will simply contain great new deals from our group buying partners.

#4) How do I purchase a deal on the Spreets site that is offered by a group buying partner?
- If you’d like to purchase a deal from one of our group buying partners, once you click on the deal, you’ll be taken to the website operated by the partner and you’ll purchase the deal from that partner directly, rather than from Spreets. 

#5) Who is responsible for the deals offered by the group buying partners?
- The group buying partners are solely responsible for their deals, including the description of the deals, pricing information, terms and conditions, accepting and processing payment from you, issuing vouchers and ensuring that you receive the underlying product or service.

#6) If I’ve purchased a deal from a group buying partner, will the voucher appear in my Spreets account?
- No, given that you’ve purchased that deal directly from the group buying partner, not from Spreets, the voucher will not appear in your Spreets account.

#7) If I have any questions about a deal purchased from a group buying partner, who do I contact?
- You will need to contact the group buying partner who you purchased the deal from. You can find their details on their website. Spreets support is unable to assist with queries about vouchers purchased from those group buying partners.

#8) I have Spreets credit in my account, is this still valid?
- All Spreets credit remains valid until 28 February 2013 and can be used for Spreets deals only. If you have any questions about use of your credit beyond this date, please contact our support team by clicking here.

#9) Can I use my Spreets credit on deals offered by a group buying partner?
- No, Spreets credit can only be used for Spreets deals.

If you still have a question, email our support team at


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