For Businesses

Enticing deals that attract hundreds or thousands of new customers

Every day we find great activities and services available Australia and New Zealand. We package an offer in a way that is super attractive to our members and post the deal on our site.

We email members with the deal and businesses generate hundreds, even thousands of new customers at little or no cost.

We have created literally thousands of deals and have a high degree of in-house expertise to not only advise on a deal that members will love, but to also create the promotional copy and the images that best sell it.

Once created; your brand, your company, your deal is live on our site and in front of hundreds of thousands of members.

Get new customers. Fast.

Spreets is the new way to acquire thousands of new customers through the power of collective group buying. Traditional advertising methods consist of you shelling out thousands of dollars to get creative material produced and thousands of dollars in media charges.

You take the risk of paying all that money and not knowing how many customers you’ll generate.

We don’t charge you anything

We make our money by taking commission on the sales we generate for you. (You win, we win!) You’ll generate hundreds of customer within hours which you can then service over a period of time that suits you.

It’s accountable, cost-effective and generates hundreds even thousands of customers quickly, efficiently and in a way you can service properly.

Generate word of mouth buzz

Our customers are sophisticated urbanites who are traditionally hard to reach but who use their social networks to talk about products and services they love. Make your business one of them!

Go viral

Many deals are so good that members forward them on to friends and family via email or facebook! Your brand could go viral!

What’s in it for us?

We take a portion of the Spreets deal on offer. That’s it. We don’t win unless you win.


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